Frequently ASked Questions

1. We do not ship internationally.

2. The average ship time is 5 to 10 biz days, unless the product page says, differently.

3. If you add 2 or more large items to the shopping cart, you may get this error message:

111035: The maximum per package weight for the selected service from the selected country is 150 pounds

That means you must order each item separately because the UPS shipping estimator cannot handle items over 123 lbs. 

*** 4. To track the status of your order please go to our support page and create a ticket by clicking here. Once we update your order from Pending to Processing or Processed we do not update the status further unlesss contacted by you then we will gladly get the status or tracking number for you. Once the order has been updated to Processing or Processed that means your order is either on its way out the door or the order has shipped & is on its way to you.

5. Credit Card Refunds - The average time for the money to show up back in your bank account is 1 - 2 biz days but can be up to 10 biz days, depending on the banking institution. this is standard in the industry, we have no control over the timing, it is done between banks electronically and we have no way to speed up the process, all we can do is put the refund through and again its up to both banks to finish the refund.