2016 Christmas Shipping Deadlines By Manufacturer

UPS Says Some Packages Delayed Until After Christmas

2016 Christmas Shipping Deadlines By Manufacturer

**** We Are Not Guaranteeing Any Order Before Christmas  


Each Manufactuer On Our Site Has A Different Schedule

Our Items Ship From Different Warehouses All Over The USA

So You Can Contact Us To Make Sure Of A Products Christmas Shipping Deadline.

We Are Not Responsible If An Item Does Not Make It By Christmas, Due To Whatever Reason Or Due To The Weather Conditions All Over The USA, Or Any Other Shipping Variables. We Will Do Our Best On Our Part To Get Your Presnts To You On Time For Christmas.

1. Fedex And UPS Will Be Delivering On A Modified Schedule Fri Dec 23rd

So For Most Manufacturers Listed On Our Web Site The Ground Shipping Deadline

Is Approx Dec 16th And Maybe Later Depending On How Close You Live To

The Warehouse Your Present Is Shipping From. You Can Contact Our Customer

Service Department For Manufactures Shipping Deadline - Click Here To Contact

1. For Some Of These Products Lionel trains, MTH trains and Perugina chocolate That Can Be Picked Up At One Our Locations In Northern, NJ